Big Data Solutions

At HyperNym considering IOT, social App, transaction app, call centre, social media tool or any other event we take it as facilitator of Big Data solutions, our RnD team consisting senior data management, and young data scientists are constantly working towards creating new algorithms for your business.


Public Security & Defense Solutions

We at HyperNym through our successful case studies of deploying solutions for Public Security and Defense organizations are quite confident that we can offer some unique solutions in this domain. Our Data Scientist has proven to be our key strength in this solution by creating some of the unique co-relation algorithms for un-structured and structured data sources. Following are some of the publicly known scenarios we can provide solutions for:

  • Citizen 360
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Live video feed analysis.
  • Social media solutions.
  • Foot Fall & Gender Analysis at Public Places.

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Banking Solutions

The internet and data analytics have already made it so much easier to monitor and evaluate the progress banks, which have been entrusted with tons of their clients’ personal information. But with big data, banks can now use this information to constantly monitor their client’s transaction behaviours in real time, allowing them to provide the kind of resources that their clients need. This real-time evaluation will boost overall profitability.

Following are some of the use cases we have successfully assisted banks with to increase their ROI on Big Data Platforms:

  • Platform Setup
  • Horton/ Cloudera Roll outs
  • Cash Optimisation
  • Customer 360
  • Customer Risk Analysis
  • Digitisation through API Framework

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Telecom Services

Gold mine of data is common in Big Data world now, Telecoms are the ones who can claim ownership of this gold mine. All they need is a proper digging and analysis of both structured and unstructured to get deeper insights into customer behaviour, their service usage patterns, preference and interests real-time. HyperNym is engaged with some of the most prestigious telecoms to help this in following ways.

  • 1. Platform setup
  • 2. Reporting Analytics directly from Hadoop
  • 3. Fraud Management
  • 4. Revenue Assurance
  • 5. Smart promotions And Many more.

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