Distribution Industry

Consumer packaged goods have increased demand to be managed digitally by distributors.

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The ERA of direct store delivery and distributors

Consumer expectations are narrating the demands by retailers, which makes last minute delivery a concern area for manufactures and distributors. In order to keep customers happy, retailers want to maintain ‘digital’ shelves which are stocked as and when needed, without any delay or wait-time. Thus, they allow narrow delivery windows to the shippers.


Latest Industry Stats

  • 83% of supply chain leaders rank logistics as their main pain point.
  • 80 % distribution companies of consumer products consider shipping is their biggest challenge
  • 60% of these companies have failed to achieve their delivery targets
  • 14 % of these have suffered great financial losses

Features and benefits

Retailers are moving toads leaner inventories and their demands like shorter order cycle time, delivery of shelf ready products and better forecasting information are changing the game.

Our IOL streamlines your deliveries and increases your Delivery Happiness Score with complete real-time visibility. All this and more - ensuring operational efficiency at reduced cost.

Distribution Industry

Reduce Delivery Cost

Quick Stock Replenishment

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved Bottom Line