Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Leveraging connected technology

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Fast moving consumer goods industry

With the advent of digital media and increase in delivery channels, tapping the most spot-on growth opportunities is becoming more complex than ever. Therefore, the success of an FMCG company heavily relies on the crucial aspects of speed and accuracy.

Whether it is running the right sales promotions, choosing the best marketing campaign or picking the most cost-effective supply chain, your overall success as an FMCG depends on:

  1. The accuracy of decision in each scenario
  2. The decision time

  • HyperNym’s IOL is your one-stop point for solutions to all your challenges. Transform your logistics digitally, improve operational efficiency and track your utilities across geographies with confidence.

Features and benefits

Our IoT solution offers a chance for FMCGs to compete in a commoditized world.

Hypernet’s integration of connected devices in for FMCG industry solutions touch nearly every point of the FMCG supply chain, from operations to customer engagement. An innovative and promising technology solution, turning your goals into reality.

FMCF Industry Challenges

Geotag Assets

Tn-store consumer experience management

Unprecedented visibility and traceability