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The Robust Smart Genset Solution

Keep track of key generator performance metrics like total energy produced, realtime fuel consumption, and energy produced per liter of fuel (kWh/liter ratio), power quality, and other parameters.Organizations can better understand the generator’s overall efficiency by tracking fuel consumption and comparing it to energy produced and operational hours.

Reduces the need for costly service calls and site visits to check the generator’s status, repairs, maintenance and refueling, helping to save time and costs. Instead of waiting for a breakdown, companies can analyze the pattern of energy usage and fuel consumption over a specific time period. If the analyzed data indicates that consumption is higher than energy produced over a longer period of time, companies can perform preventive maintenance.

Our analytical engine calculates performance efficiency of a generators at any given time based on total energy produced, fuel consumed, and other parameters like temperature, oil pressure, etc. When any specific conditions are violated, an instant alert and alarm are sent to the respective facility management and service engineers, allowing them to take preventive measures and arrange any maintenance-related actions. Such predictive and condition-based monitoring improves response time to performance difficulties and detects any potential fuel leak or theft during operation.


Genset Features

Electric Load Monitoring

Monitor realtime electric load on the generator through Apps and dashboards

Fuel Pilerage Monitoring

Instantly detect if fuel is being stolen, monitor and make sure that the accurate fuel amounts are delivered.

Consumption Analysis

Know full insights about historical fuel fillups, energy consumption analysis and maintenance reports.

Realtime Alerts

Receive realtime alerts about max/min threshold fuel levels, door status, pilferage alerts, On/OFF alerts, consumption alerts and much more.

Temperature / Coolant Levels

Be informed about the generator coolant and temperature levels at any time. The system sends an alert when it reaches critical levels.

Smart Schedule

Automate generators by scheduling their operational timings. The system automatically identifies operational patterns and make suggestions about optimized running timings.

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    Control generators from anywhere

    Remotely control and monitor your generator with the ability to turn "on" or "off" generators from anywhere and schedule specific times to do.

    Gain all critical information on your device such as fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, mains and generator voltage and frequency, engine RPM, etc.

    Monitor Generator performance

    HyperNet Genset monitoring system provides realtime power generation data and also output useful reports on the consumption of fuel which helps in determining the condition of the generator.

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    Successful Application of HyperNet
    Genset monitoring

    Genset Monitoring for Banks

    Banks cannot afford to experience blackouts at their premises, which is why having a reliable and uninterrupted power supply is important. HyperNet Genset Monitoring System allows banks to monitor multiple generators across various branches with increadible accuracy. Be in control of the generators and track total fuel economy, hourly fuel consumption, fuel temperature, engine working hours and much more.

    Genset solution for OEMs

    Our Genset Solution can beef up your generators to increased performance. Generator manufacturers can leverage our genset solution to digitize all generator operations, resulting in an increased efficiency. Fully intergrable to all generators, our system can run on top of any generator and seamlessly connect with our web and mobile applications. The data generated and processed by the Genset system will help manufacturers in predicting and preventing issues that may occur.

    Genset Monitoring for Enterprise

    Being the leaders in digital transformation in various industries, HyperNym understands the complete requirements for various small and medium enterprise. We design and develop Genset Monitoring System catering to their requirement such as Remote Start/Stop, Fuel theft alerts, preventive maintenance, custom reporting and much more.

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