HyperNet IoT Platform

HyperNet provides you with an integrated ecosystem of connected devices and solutions that can be customized according to your requirements. With a strong union of proprietary HyperNet IoT Gateways/sensors and cloud-based applications for better.

Fleet Management

Automated Fleet Management System
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Waste Management

Simplified IoT Waste Management
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Asset Management

Track & Monitor Indoor/Outdoor Assets
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Smart Water Heater

Control & Monitor Your Water Heaters
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Smart Buildings

Sustainable & Automated Building Management
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Last Mile Delivery

Simplified IoT Waste Management
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Smart Surveillance

Keep A Watchful Eye On All Your Assets
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Genset Monitoring

Monitor All Critical Parameters
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Monitor All Critical Parameters
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Build your IoT Solution with HyperNet Solutions

Data Works For Us

Data based decision making which provides business with capabilities to generate Realtime insights and predictions to optimize their performance

Agile Development

Flexible in developing solutions through constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage

Customized SaaS Solutions

Utilise SaaS solutions to integrate systems, provide security and perform data analytics.

Impenetrable Security

We prioritize extensive security measures while development aiding to keep data protected and secure.


Develop & Deploy ioT Apps like a breeze

HyperNet IoT platform is boosting a customer-centric perspective that enables our solution experts to dive deep into your business operations, identify main problems and propose relevant accurate solutions.

Low Rates

The flexible pay-as-you-go service model ensures clients are only charged for the services consumed on a low monthly subscription

Device Integrations

HyperNet offers versatile hardware integration capability of any kind to any system. Connecting various gateways, sensors, industrial PLC and much more. 

Seamless Connectivity

Using conventional and unconventional IoT protocols such as LoRa, NB-IoT, Near field (WiFi ), Cellular (2G/3G/4G), and more. 

What Our Clients Say

HyperNym IoP solution reduced the energy consumption of appliances by a margin of almost 60% leading to lower electricity costs and no energy wastage. With HyperNym Smart Mobile App, the sales of El-Araby group grew by a margin of 25-30% resulting in higher profit margins and production rates.

Essam Gouda Elsayed Mouafy, Dir. R&D, El-Araby Group

HyperNym is a great partner for implementing VFQ's digital transformation vision of IoT governance. They have a great focus on customer success and customer support. We plan to roll out more IoT products of HyperNym after Fleet and Asset Management applications. Together we are committed to making the adoption of IoT solutions easier, more accessible, and affordable for all of Qatar.

Vodafone Qatar

As a full-service IoT company, we offer IoT development and integration services based on our HyperNet Solutions and popular industry-specific IoT technologies. In addition to IoT, we have a deep expertise in Big Data, Cloud, Embedded, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and other modern domains.

Connect with us to begin your digital transformation journey.

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