HyperNet Water Heater Solution

Turn your Water Heater into
Smart Water Heaters

HyperNet’s cutting edge technology that helps make generators more efficient and durable.
Make your generator smarter with HyperNet.

How Hypernet Is Transforming water boilers/heaters

Cities use somewhere between 60% – 80% of the
world’s energy**. For water boilers/heaters to be
financially and environmentally sustainable, power
consumption will need to be as efficient as possible.
This is something HyperNet is already solving through
solutions like NB-IoT and LoRa Wan.

In order to keep up with not only the current demand
for water boilers/heaters but also the inevitable
growth of our metropolitan areas, scalability is
essential. Thankfully, scalability is a primary focus and
the benefit of HyperNet; enabling water boilers/heaters to
swiftly deploy and connect at an exponential rate

For connectivity to the smart boiler/heater
management system, it needs to be able to support
many devices while keeping energy use and costs to a
minimum. HyperNet has similar features when it
comes to connectivity, which has led to the
development of unique connectivity infrastructures for
all kinds of water boilers/heaters


Smart Water Heater Features

Electric Load Monitoring

Monitor realtime electric load on the generator through Apps and dashboards

Fuel Pilerage Monitoring

Instantly detect if fuel is being stolen, monitor and make sure that the accurate fuel amounts are delivered.

Consumption Analysis

Know full insights about historical fuel fillups, energy consumption analysis and maintenance reports.

Realtime Alerts

Receive realtime alerts about max/min threshold fuel levels, door status, pilferage alerts, On/OFF alerts, consumption alerts and much more.

Temperature / Coolant Levels

Be informed about the generator coolant and temperature levels at any time. The system sends an alert when it reaches critical levels.

Smart Schedule

Automate generators by scheduling their operational timings. The system automatically identifies operational patterns and make suggestions about optimized running timings.


    Never Wake up to Cold Chilly Mornings

    No more worrying about saving energy with HyperNet Smart Water Heater Solution as it continuously monitors and notifies you through automated alerts when the water temperature reaches the desired settings.

    Why Choose HyperNet Smart Water Heater Solution?

    The intelligently designed HyperNet Smart Water Heater System comes with new IoT-enabled technology that gives power back in your hands. With this, you can control your water heater from anywhere with just a tap on your smartphone

    Transform real-world data into actionable insights with HyperNet. The IoT-enabled water heaters help you save energy bills, unplanned failures, and costly repairs.

    Begin your IoT with

    Streamline your business operations and increase productivity.

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