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What is Asset Management?

Asset management is an organized method by which you can manage and preserve valuable assets in a cost-effective manner for any corporate organization. It provides real-time information about the device’s status, current position, condition, and efficiency. It helps you in increasing the growth of production at a cheap cost.

Asset management systems play an important role in manufacturing, logistics, construction, education, healthcare, and agriculture. Cranes, fleet cars, industrial equipment, raw materials, and sensors are all examples of assets.

Now! Are you seeking a solution to keep track of your assets? Get to know the HyperNym asset management solution, which turns assets into a major component of your business.

What is the HyperNym Asset tracking system?

HyperNym merges all tracking operations into one dynamic platform that provides full visibility of the entire operational structure of the assets. It will allow you to visualize near real-time statistics of assets. HyperNym Tracking Solution provides a full-fledged asset tracking service that maps almost all day-to-day operations and telemetry data related to asset Tracking into one centralized platform.

The basic function of the Asset Management solution is to assign a unique ID number to each asset that needs to be tracked. You can instantly track the movement of items as they change hands and move about.

The Asset Tracking System will be divided into two groups based on the kind of asset.

• RFID Tracking System for Indoor Assets (Movable & Immovable within office premises).

• IoT Tracking System for Outdoor Assets (Movable Assets like containers).

Features of HyperNym Asset Tracking Solution:

The following are the features of the HyperNym solution:

  • Traceable and Untraceable Asset:

By using the HyperNym solution, you can track assets that are traceable like fleet vehicles and assets which are connected to the IoT ecosystem as well as you can also track Untraceable assets such as crockery, Stationery items. The main goal is to track the assets which are not connected to the IoT ecosystem.

  • Integration with other ERPs:

HyperNym’s solution is integrating ERP with IoT to automatically feed information into the ERP system so that all parties involved in the supply chain can stay informed and take action accordingly.

By integrating ERP you can view the asset information in real-time by tracking and monitoring assets in the supply chain. Operational precision, Efficiency of consumed time, Workflow, and real-time data availability are major benefits of using ERP with HyperNym solution.

  • Alerts and Notifications:

The solution sends you notifications and alerts for each action, keeping you informed and up to date on assets. The system will send you an alert when assets require repair, Excessive idling, regular movement of Assets, low battery, temperature, orientation, and motion sensors.

  • Cloud-based Technology:

HyperNym asset tracking system provides a cloud-based secure and reliable solution that connects to millions of IoT devices and gives data to all sorts of businesses, large and small, to contribute to operational efficiency and decision making. Hardware is responsible for collecting data whereas for further processing software is being hosted on the cloud.

It is well said that “Cloud computing is frequently considerably safer than traditional computing because firms like Google and Amazon can attract and retain higher-quality cyber-security experts than many government agencies.”

  • Complete tracking/control of Asset Lifecycle:

HyperNym asset lifecycle model serves as a valuable platform for assessing issues and devising strategies to improve the performance of asset investments. HyperNym solution will provide you control of assets by which you can have complete tracking of an asset such as current location, repair, and status of asset delivery.

The customer onboarding dashboard will have reports, charts, and analytics to give complete control of assets inventory and onboarded customers.

Benefits of Asset Management

Many firms are already facing the loss of revenue due to supply chain challenges, loss of assets, and lack of visibility and usage of assets. The end-to-end global asset tracking service with the HyperNym platform will consist of a range of devices to fit the requirements.

The benefits of the HyperNym asset management tracking solution are following:

  • You always be aware of the location and condition of your assets.
  • It will help you to reduce costs.
  • Increase asset utilization.

In today’s modern world, business companies don’t waste time by doing repetitive work manually again and again. ATS is a vital tool for business growth that assists your organization with audits. By using the HyperNym asset tracking solution you can better manage your valuable assets.

HyperNym will help you to extend the asset life cycle while also keeping track of it. Hypernym’s SaaS IoT platform is “HyperNET” that provides you basic logistics operations with specific industry-built add ons.

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