HyperNet Fuel Level Sensors

Industrial grade, water-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof fuel level sensors are used by HyperNym to measure fuel level in fuel tanks. It is interfaced with Hypernet Gateway to send the recorded data to remote servers

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Key Features

  • Enable fleet managers to monitor fuel consumption with a high degree of accuracy and in real-time, rather than requiring manual reporting and using error-prone averages to track changes in fuel efficiency.
  • Gives fleet managers more transparency into which of their vehicles are operating more efficiently, allowing for granular testing of the effect of different equipment on efficiency.
  • Track the effect of driver behavior on fuel efficiency. Receive alerts to behavior like sudden stops or acceleration, and excessive idling to help curve wasteful behaviors.

HyperNet Fuel level sensors give accurate, real-time readings of fuel usage, alerting drivers and fleet managers if readings exceed normal limits, in case of a leak or theft, for example.

Gathering historical efficiency data at regular intervals allows managers to track and improve driver performance and precisely test and monitor the effects of technological changes to vehicles, like the addition of trailer skirts and automatic transmissions.


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