HyperNet Weight Sensors

Industrial grade, water-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof weight sensor (load cells) are used by HyperNym to measure weight present in trucks/containers. It is interfaced with Hypernet Gateway to send the recorded data to remote servers.
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The HyperNet IoT Weight Sensors is a cloud connected weighing scale which can measure weights of various load capacities and upload the measured weight periodically to a remote server. It can upload weight either at specified intervals or when the weight changes by a set threshold. The server can be located locally or over the Internet.

The Wifi weight sensor can be operated from mains or from batteries.


  1. Smart Warehouses
  2. Automated Inventory Audit & Management
  3. Smart Weighing bridges
  4. Smart Weighing scale
  5. Industrial weighing
  6. Laboratories.
  7. Food industry.


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